Teletype message

From: The SS and Police Fuehrer in the District of Warsaw

Warsaw, 12 May 1943.

Ref. No.: I ab/St/Gr-16 07-Journal No. 637/43 secret.
Re: Large-scale Ghetto operation.

To: The Higher SS and Police Fuehrer East, SS-Obergruppen- fuehrer and General of Police Krüger or deputy.

Progress of large-scale operation on 12 May 1943, start 0930 hours.

When the raiding parties combed out the area for remaining dug-outs in which Jews were hiding, they succeeded in discover ing 30 dug-outs. 663 Jews were pulled out of them and 133 Jews were shot. The sum total of Jews caught has arisen to 54,463.

Furthermore today the units cordoning off the miniature Ghetto were reinforced and destroyed by fire. Probably a considerable number of Jews perished in the flames, no accurate information in this regard could be obtained since the fire was still burning when darkness set in. One concrete building in the Prosta, from which Jews had been removed, was heavily damaged by blowing-up operations in order to make it impossible for the bandits to use it as a base later.

It is noteworthy that the Poles, without having been warned, took appropriate measures for protecting their window-panes, etc., before the blowing-up started.

The transports of Jews leaving here will be directed to T.11 beginning today.

Our strength: 
  Used in operation:  
    German police 5/126
    Engineering Em. Service 1/6 
    Security Police 2/14 
    Engineers  4/74 
    Waffen SS  12/508 
 Cordoning forces:    Day  Night
  German Police 1/112 1/86
  Waffen SS - 1 /300 
  Trawniki 160    -
  Polish Police 1/160