From: The SS and Police Leader in the Warsaw District

Warsaw, April 26, 1943

Az.: I ab St/Wdt. - 16 07 - Tgb.Nr. 551/43 secret
Reference.: Ghetto Action

An den

Higher SS and Police Leader East
- SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Police Krüger


The Action began at 10:00 A.M.

The same shock troops for thorough combing went through the entire former Jewish living quarter again today targeting the same areas. By this I hoped to bring about that the leaders succeeded, in the street passages and house blocks and yards now known to them, to penetrate further into the jumble of bunkers and subterranean passages. Practically without exception the shock troops reported resistance that was nonetheless completely broken through returning of fire or blowing up bunkers. It appears that the ranks are finding the Jews and bandits most tenacious and capable of resistance. Several bunkers were forcibly opened whose inhabitants had not come to the surface since the beginning of the Action. In a series of cases the inhabitants of the bunkers, after the bunkers had been successfully blown up, were scarcely able to crawl to the surface. According to statements of the captured Jews, a large number of inhabitants in the bunkers have become insane due to the heat, the thick smoke and the successful explosions.

Various Jews were captured who had had close relations with the Polish terrorist group and had worked together with them. Outside the former Jewish living quarter, 29 Jews were captured.

In the course of today's action several housing blocks were burnt down. This is the only and final method to force this rabble and sub-humanity to the surface.

Once again, weapons, Molotov cocktails, explosive devices and large amounts of money were captured.

Also today I brought about the displacement without delay of the available stock of several so-called armaments and military economics plants so that these house blocks, in which presently the Jews under the protection of the weapons of the German Wehrmacht and Police move about, could also be combed out.