Teletype message

From: The SS and Police Fuehrer in the District of Warsaw

Warsaw, 22 April 1943.

Ref. No.: ab/St/Gr - 16 07 - Journal Nr. 532/43 secret.
Re: Ghetto operation.

To: The Higher SS and Police Fuehrer East, SS-Obergruppenfuehrer and General of Police Krueger or deputy.

Progress of operation of 22 April 1943. Report on action up to 1200 hrs. has already been submitted by my message of today. Continuing, I beg to report:

When the special raiding party searched the remainder of the blocks as already reported, they met with resistance at some places; they had the following success: 1,100 Jews caught for evacuation, 203 bandits and Jews killed, 15 dug-outs blown up. They captured 80 incendiary bottles and other booty. Units at my disposal: as reported by teletype message on 20 April 1943. Journal No. 516/43 secret.

Our losses: SS-Untersturmfuehrer Dehmke (dead) ; enemy hit a hand grenade which he carried. (SS-Cav. Res. Batl.)

1 Sergeant of Police (shot through the lungs)

When the Engineers blew up the dug-outs, a considerable number of Jews and bandits were buried under the ruins. In a number of cases it was found necessary to start fires in order to smoke the gangs out.

I must add that since yesterday some of the units have been shot at time and again from outside the Ghetto, that is, from the Aryan part of Warsaw. Raiding parties at once entered the area in question and in one case succeeded in capturing 35 Polish bandits, Communists, who were liquidated at once. Today it happened repeatedly when we found it necessary to execute some bandits, that they collapsed shouting "Long live Poland," "Long live Moscow."

The operation will be continued on 23 April 1943, 0700 hrs.

The SS and Police Fuehrer

in the District of Warsaw.

Signed: Stroop

SS-Brigadefuehrer and Major general of Police.

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