The Stroop Report.

In early January 1943, Himmler visited Warsaw and discovered that tens of thousands of "unessential" Jews were still present in the ghetto. Himmler ordered an immediate operation to once again weed out the "useless eaters." [...]

Stroop's seventy-five-page, day-by-day account of the operation, prepared for Himmler and first displayed by Jackson for the judges during his opening address, was entitled The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More. The assistant prosecutor dealing with the persecution of the Jews referred to it as "the finest example of ornate German craftsmanship, leather bound, profusely illustrated, typed on heavy bond paper ... the almost unbelievable recital of the proud accomplishment by Major General of Police Stroop."

Conot, Justice at Nuremberg, 1983, pp. 269-70.