8 Jan. 46

or weaken the peoples of the occupied territories. It has been shown that millions of foreign workers were taken to Germany, for the most part under pressure and generally by physical force; that these workers were forced to labor under conditions of indescribable brutality and degradation; and that often they were used in factories and industries devoted exclusively to the production of munitions of war.

Göring was at all times implicated in the slave labor program. Recruitment and allocation of manpower and determination of working. conditions were included in his jurisdiction as Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan, and from its beginning a part of the Four Year Plan Office was devoted to such work. I ask the Tribunal in this connection to take judicial notice of our Document 1862-PS, Ordinance for the Execution of the Four Year Plan, dated 10 October 1936, which appears in 1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part 1, Page 897, and with the permission of the Tribunal I shall not read the same.

Soon after the fall of Poland Göring began the enslavement of large numbers of Poles. On 25 January 1940 the Defendant Frank, the Governor General of Poland, reported to Göring on his directive for the:
"Supply and transportation of at least 1 million male and female agricultural and industrial workers to the Reichamong them at least 750,000 agricultural workers of which at least 50 percent must be women in order to guarantee agricultural production in the Reich and as a replacement for industrial workers lacking in the Reich."
This is taken from our Exhibit Number USA-172, our Document Number 1375-PS.

That orders for this enormous number of workers originated with the Defendant Göring is clear from statements in the Defendant Frank's diary for 10 May 1940, already introduced in evidence.

For the harsh treatment given those workers when they reached Germany the Defendant Göring is also responsible. On 8 March 1940, as Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan and as Chairman of the Cabinet Council for the Defense of the Reich, he issued a directive entitled, "Treatment of Male and Female Civilian Workers of Polish Nationality in the Reich." I refer to our Document R-148 as proof of that fact. I shall not introduce it at this time into evidence, with the permission of the Tribunal, as it will be introduced by the Soviet prosecution at a later date.

On 29 January 1942 the division for the employment of labor in the Four Year Plan office issued a circular, signed by Dr. Mansfeld, the general delegate for labor employed in the Four Year