8 Jan. 46

"As regards the war economy, Minister President, Colonel General Göring sees it as his task 'within 4 years to put the entire economy in a state of readiness for war.'"
The exhibit from which I have just read is of interest because of another document that has just been brought to the attention of the Prosecution. It is a note for the files, dated December 2, 1936, written in longhand on the letterhead of "Minister President General Göring and is in the handwriting of Colonel Bodenschatz, Göring's Chief of Staff. I offer this memorandum as Exhibit Number USA-580. It is our Document 3474-PS, and I direct the Tribunal's attention to the fact that the date of this document is the 2d of December 1936. That was a conference, apparently, at which all the chief officers and generals of the Air Force, the German Air Force, met. Besides the Defendant Göring there were General Milch, General Kesselring, Rüdel, Stumpff, Christiansen, and all the top commanders of the Air Force, and I read:
"World press excited about the landing of 5,000 German volunteers in Spain. Official complaint by Great Britain; she gets in touch with France.

"Italy suggests that Germany and Italy send, each, one division ground troops to Spain. It is, however, necessary that Italy, as interested Mediterranean power, issue a political declaration first. A decision can be expected only within a few days.

"The general situation is very serious. Russia wants the war. England rearms speedily. Command therefore: Beginning today 'höchste Einsatzbereitschaft"' — apparently the translator did not see fit to translate those words, which mean the "highest degree of readiness" — "regardless of financial difficulties. Göring takes over full responsibility."

"Peace until 1941 is desirable. However, we cannot know whether there will be implications before. We are already in a state of war. It is only that no shot is being fired so far."

THE PRESIDENT: Perhaps that would be a convenient time to break off.

[A recess was taken until 1400 hours.]