7 Jan. 46

"On 30 March 1943, in Toftefjord (degree of latitude 70), an enemy cutter was sighted. Cutter was blown up by enemy.

"Crew: 2 dead and 10 taken prisoners.

"Cutter sent from Scalloway (Shetland Isles) by the Norwegian Navy."
Passing to the word "Purpose":
"Purpose: Building of an organization for the sabotaging of strong-points, battery positions, staff and troop billets and bridges.

"Assigner of mission in London: Norwegian Major Munthe.

"Führer Order executed by Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service).

"Wehrmacht communiqué of 6 April announces the following about it: 'In northern Norway an enemy sabotage unit was engaged and destroyed on approaching the coast.'"
Now, shifting to the Italian Theater of War, I call the Court's attention to 509-PS, which will be Exhibit USA-547. This document is dated 7 November 1943; and is a telegram from the Supreme Commander in Italy to OKW; and it shows that on 2 November 1943 three British commandos, taken prisoner near Pescara in Italy, were given "special treatment" (sonderbehandelt), which as the Court knows from previous evidence in the case, meant death. What happened to the nine remaining prisoners of war in the hospital, we do not know.

I have one more document from the Italian Theater, 2610-PS, Exhibit USA-548. This specifically shows the carrying out of Hitler's orders. It consists of an affidavit, dated 7 November 1945, by Frederick W. Roche, a major in the Army of the United States. Major Roche was the Judge Advocate of an American Military Commission which tried General Anton Dostler, formerly Commander of the 75th German Army Corps, for the unlawful execution of 15 members of the United States Armed Forces. I will read from this affidavit:
"Frederick W. Roche, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

"I am a major in the Army of the United States. I was the Judge Advocate of the Military Commission which tried Anton Dostler for ordering the execution of the group of 15 United States Army personnel who comprised the 'Ginny Mission.' This Military Commission, consisting of five officers, was appointed by command of General McNarney, by Special Order, Number 269, dated 26 September 1945, Headquarters, Mediterranean Theater of Operations; United States Army, APO 512.