Friday, 4 January 1946

Morning Session

COL. AMEN: I would like to call as a witness for the Prosecution Walter Schellenberg.
[The witness, Schellenberg, took the stand.]
THE PRESIDENT: Is your name Walter Schellenberg?

WALTER SCHELLENBERG (Witness): My name is Walter Schellenberg.

THE PRESIDENT: Will you take this oath: "I swear by God the Almighty and Omniscient — that I will speak the pure truth — and will withhold and add nothing."

[The witness repeated the oath.] COL. AMEN: Speak slowly and pause between the questions and the answers. Where were you born?

SCHELLENBERG: In Saarbrücken

COL. AMEN: How old are you?

SCHELLENBERG: Thirty-five years.

COL. AMEN: You were a member of the NSDAP?


COL. AMEN: And of the SS?

SCHELLENBERG: Yes; the SS also.

COL. AMEN: And of the Waffen-SS?

SCHELLENBERG: And the Waffen-SS.

COL. AMEN: And the SD?


COL. AMEN: What was the highest office you held?

SCHELLENBERG: The highest rank I held was that of SS Brigadeführer in the SS, and of major general in the Waffen-SS.

COL. AMEN: You were Chief of Amt VI?

SCHELLENBERG: I was Chief of Amt VI and Military.

COL. AMEN: During what period of time?