20 Dec. 45

war, the available institutions including equipment and personnel should be utilized to the utmost for reasons of necessary economy of effort.

"The foundation of new institutes comes therefore in question only insofar as there are no outstanding institutes for the furtherance of important war research tasks."
I omit the rest of the letter.

To this letter the Reich Surgeon of the SS and Police replied on the 26 February 1943. The reply will be found on Page 2 of the English translation. It is a letter from the Reich Surgeon SS and Police to the head of the Executive Council of the Reich Research Department, dated 26 February 1943. I quote the first three paragraphs of that letter. It begins:
"My Dear Ministerial Director:

"In acknowledgment of your correspondence of 19 February 1913, 1 am able to reply the following to it today:

"The statement of the budget for the 53 key positions of my office which you made the basis of your memorandum was a veritable peace plan.

"The special institutes of the SS which are to be filled, in part, with these positions should serve the purpose to establish and make accessible for the entire realm of scientific research the particular possibilities of research only possessed by the SS."
Omitting the next two paragraphs, I continue:
"I will gladly be at your disposal at any time to discuss the particular research aims, in connection with the SS, which I would like to bring up after the war upon the direction of the Reichsführer SS."
An interview between the Reich Surgeon and Mentzel, the author of the original letter, took place; and on the 25th of March 1943 Mentzel wrote a letter to the Reich Minister of Finance, which will be found on Page 1 of the translation. It is a letter from the President of the Reich Research Department, Head of the Executive Council, to the Reich Minister of Finance, dated 25 March 1943. The letter begins:
"In regard to your correspondence of 19 December" — and then follows the serial number of the letter — "to which I gave you a preliminary communication on 19 February, I finally take the following position:

"The Reich Surgeon SS and Police, in a personal discussion, told me that the budget claim which he looked after is used primarily in the pure military sector of the Waffen-SS. Since it is established on a smaller scale for the enlarging of