20 Dec. 45

as Exhibit Number USA-462. I quote the first two paragraphs of that letter:
"Dear Dr. Rascher:

"Shortly before flying to Oslo, the Reichsführer SS gave me your letter of 15 May 1941 for partial reply.

"I can inform you that prisoners will, of course, be gladly made available for the high-flight researches. I have informed the Chief of the Security Police of this agreement of the Reichsführer SS, and requested that the competent official be instructed to get in touch with you."
The altitude experiments were conducted by Rascher; and in May 1942 General Field Marshal Milch, on behalf of the Luftwaffe, expressed his thanks to the SS for the assistance it furnished in connection with the experiments.

I refer to our Document 343-PS which will be found in Volume I of the document book. I offer an original letter, dated 20 May. 1942, addressed to SS Obergruppenführer Wolff, and signed E. Milch, as Exhibit Number USA-463. That letter, which appears on Page 2 of the translation and on Page 1 of the original German, is as follows:
"Dear Wolff" — the German says, "Liebes Wölffchen":

"In reference to your telegram of 12 May, our sanitary inspector reports to me that the altitude experiments carried out by the SS and Air Force at Dachau have been finished. Any continuation of these experiments seems not to be necessary. However, the carrying out of experiments of some other kind, in regard to perils on the high seas, would be important. These have been prepared in immediate agreement with the proper offices; Major Weltz (Medical Corps) will be charged with the execution and Captain Rascher (Medical Corps) will be made available until further orders in addition to his duties within the Medical Corps of the Air Corps. A change of these measures does not appear necessary, and an enlargement of the task is not considered pressing at this time.
"The low-pressure chamber would not be needed for these low-temperature experiments. It is urgently needed at another place and therefore can no longer remain in Dachau.

"I convey the special thanks from the Supreme Commander of the Air Corps to the SS for their extensive co-operation.

"I remain with best wishes for you in good comradeship and with Heil Hitler! Always yours, E. Milch."
THE PRESIDENT: Major Farr, hadn't you better read the letter on the preceding page? It may be capable of an explanation.