19 Dec. 45

was taken over by Governor General, SA Obergruppenführer Dr. Frank."
I next offer in evidence an affidavit, being Document Number 3232-PS, Exhibit Number USA-435, by Walter Schellenberg:
"From the beginning of 1944 on, the SA also participated in many of the functions which had previously been entrusted only to the SS, the Sipo, and Army — for instance, the guarding of concentration camps, of prisoner-of-war camps, supervision of forced laborers in Germany and occupied areas. This co-operation of the SA was planned and arranged for by high officials in Berlin as early as the middle of 1943."
This concludes my presentation of the principal points of evidence concerning the participation of the SA in the conspiracy, but before I conclude, I should like to present to the Tribunal a few points which establish the participation in the conspiracy by Defendant Göring in his capacity as an SA member or leader.

In 1923 Göring became commander of the entire SA. This is shown in the pamphlet, The SA, which is already in evidence, and the notation concerning Göring's command appears at Page 2 of the translation, which I do not intend to quote but simply refer to.

Göring's intention to employ the SA as a terroristic force to destroy political opponents is shown by a speech made by him on 3 March 1933, at a Nazi demonstration in Frankfurt. It is Document Number 1856-PS, Exhibit Number USA-437. It is an excerpt from a book entitled, Hermann Göring Speeches and Essays. I quote what Göring said:
"Certainly I shall use the power of the State and the police to the utmost, my dear Communists, so you won't draw any false conclusions; but the struggle to the death, in which my fist will grasp your necks, I shall lead with those down there who are the Brown Shirts."
The importance of the SA under Göring in the early stages of the Nazi movement is shown by Document Number 3259-PS, Exhibit USA-424; and it is an English translation from the same document book. This is a letter written to Göring by Hitler, and I quote the letter:
"My dear Göring

"When in November 1923, the Party tried for the first time to conquer the power of the State, you, as commander of the SA, created within an extraordinarily short time that instrument with which I could dare that struggle. Most pressing necessity had forced us to act, but by a wise providence at that time we were denied success. After receiving