19 Dec. 45

Your Honors will recall that the Abwehr was the intelligence organization.
"2. In the course of my official duties at Henlein's headquarters I became familiar with the composition and activities of the Free Corps. Three groups were being formed under Henlein's direction: One in the Eisenstein area, Bavaria; one in the Bayreuth area; one in the Dresden area; and possibly a fourth in Silesia. These groups should be composed only of refugees from the Sudetenland who had crossed the border into Germany, but they actually contained Germans with previous service in the SA and the NSKK (Nazi Motor Corps) as well. These Germans formed the backbone of the Free Corps. On paper the Free Corps had a strength of 40,000 men ... Part of the equipment furnished to Henlein, mostly haversacks cooking utensils, and blankets, was supplied by the SA."
The adaptability of the SA to whatever purpose was required of it is demonstrated by its activities subsequent to the outbreak of the war. During the war the SA continued to carry out its military training program, but it also engaged in other functions. Its wartime activities are set out in Document 3219-PS, which is Exhibit Number USA-433, and Document 3216-PS, Exhibit Number USA-434, which are excerpts from Das Archiv.

I quote first, briefly, from Document 3219-PS, the whole text exclusive of the heading:
"The Chief of Staff of the SA, Wilhelm Schepmarm, gave further orders to increase the employment of the SA in the homeland war territories, according to the requirements of total war. This was done in numerous business conferences with leaders of the SA divisions.

"As a result of these conferences as well as of measures already carried out earlier for the totalization of the war employment, the SA has placed 86 percent of its professional leader corps at the disposal of the front, even though the war missions of the SA have increased in the fields of pre-military training, the SA penetration into new territorial parts of the Reich, the air-war employment, the city and country guard, et cetera, during wartime.

"The SA as a whole has given at present 70 percent of its millions of members to the Wehrmacht."
I call attention of Your Honors to the statement of the membership of August 26, 1944. 1 quote briefly from Document Number 3216-PS, the English translation, just one sentence:
"By command of the Chief of Staff of the SA, the SA unit 'General Government' was established, the command of which