19 Dec. 45

Convincing evidence demonstrating the participation of the SA in the conspiracy is found in the fact that care was taken at all times to co-ordinate the military training of the SA with the requirements of the Wehrmacht. This is shown by Document 2821-PS, Exhibit Number USA-431, Page 1 of the English translation, quoting:
"Permanent liaison between the Reich Defense Ministry and the Supreme Commander of the SA ... has been assured."
Another document, 3215-PS, which is an excerpt from Das Archiv, sets forth the co-operation and collaboration with the Wehrmacht and specialized military training; and it was stated in a speech of the Chief of Staff of the SA, Document 3215-PS, Page 2 of the English translation, Exhibit Number USA-426:
"In the course of this development also, special missions for military training were placed on the SA. The Führer gave the SA the cavalry and motor training and appointed SA Obergruppenführer Litzmann as Reich Inspector with the mission of securing the cavalry recruits and the requirements of the German Wehrmacht through the SA. In close co-operation with parts of the Wehrmacht, special certificates were created for the communications, engineer, and medical units which, like the cavalry certificate of the SA, are valued as a statement of preference for employment in said units."
Your Honor, we have two or three more quotations about cooperation with the Wehrmacht, but I believe they would be cumulative, and I will omit them. I will refer only to Document 2383-PS, Exhibit Number USA-410, Page 11. 1 will read a portion of the decree:
"The Führer In amplification of my decrees of 15 February 1935 and of 18 March 1937 regarding the acquisition of the SA sports insignia and the yearly repetitive exercises, I elevate the SA sports badge to the level of the SA military badge and make it a basis for pre- and post-military training. I designate the SA as the standard bearer of this training."
I skip now to Page 48 for the record.

The specialized training given SA members, in accordance with the requirements of the technical branches of the Wehrmacht, is described by SA Sturmführer Bayer, in Document Number 2162-PS, Exhibit Number USA-411; and it is Page 13 of the English translation:
"On one side, the young SA man who enters the Armed Forces" — Wehrmacht — "from his branch comes prepared with a multitude of prerequisites which facilitate and speed up training in technical respect; while on the other side, those