19 Dec. 45

goal, it has to organize body exercises and sporting advancement so that the masses of the people will be included by it and will be kept fit to bear arms until old age. This martial preparedness must not be achieved only by physical and mental training but also with regard to character and ideology."
I pass from that phase now.

Document 3215-PS is an excerpt from Das Archiv, and I refer to Pages 2 to 3 of the English translation beginning at the bottom of Page 2, and I quote:
"Next to the companies of the SA were the SA sport badge associations, in which entered all the nationals who were capable of bearing arms and who were prepared to voluntarily answer the call of the SA for the preservation of military proficiency. Up till now about 800,000 nationals outside the- SA could successfully undergo the physical betterment as well as the political-military indoctrination of the SA on the basis of the SA badge."
The military program of the SA was not that of a mere marching and drill society; it embraced every phase of the technique of modem warfare. This is particularly demonstrated by consideration of the articles on military training which appeared publicly throughout the issues of the SA-Mann. I should like to refer to only a few of the titles, and they are set out on Pages 8 and 10 of Document 3050-PS. It is a great, long list, and I will only refer to five or six.

There is one of them, 17 February 1934, Page 7, "Pistol Shooting"; 21 April 1934, Page 13, "What Every SA Man Must Know about Aviation"; 19 May 1934, Page 13, "Chemical Warfare"; 2 June 1934, Page 14, "Modern Battle Methods in the View of the SA Man"; 4 August 1934, Page 13, "The Significance of Tanks and Motors in the Modem War." I will omit references to the remainder.

Similarly, the issues of the SA-Mann contain many photographs and articles demonstrating and portraying SA participation in military exercises, including forced marching, battle maneuvers, obstacle runs, small-caliber firing, and so on. I simply refer these to Your Honors, and they are shown on Pages 11 to 13 of Document Number 3050-PS. Just one or two titles: 24 August 1935, Page 2, "The SA Is and Remains the Shock Troop of the Third Reich." Here is one showing the connection with the Wehrmacht: 2 September 1938, Page 1, "The SA and the Wehrmacht," with pictures of SA men on field maneuvers throwing hand grenades. I will omit the rest of those.