19 Dec. 45

is being overcome in the SA by the spirit of comradeship and manly dignity.

"In that manner the SA is developing a decisive factor on the path to a popular community. Its spirit should radiate with soldierly tradition and the possibility of application on all existing units outside of the movement. Their guardianship is thus an important mission of the SA."
A number of articles which were obviously designed to serve as war propaganda material have been translated, in other cases only the titles, the titles themselves being so comprehensive that they disclose the nature and substance of the articles. I should like to refer to a few of these titles on this subject. They are shown on the English translation of 3050-PS and they are listed on Page 1.

On the question of the Nazi Lebensraum philosophy: The issue of 5 January 1935, Page 13, the article "The German Living Space"; the issue of 10 October 1936, Page 15, "Our Right, Our Colonies"; another, of 14 October 1938, Page 3, the title "Space and Folk"; "Colonies for Germany," 2 January 1937, Page 4. 1 should like to quote briefly from that article. I believe that it is on Page 2 of the English translation, 3050-PS:
"The German Ambassador in London, Herr Von Ribbentrop recently, on occasion of a reception in the Anglo-German Fellowship ... has renewed, in a speech which dealt with all problems from a high level, the indubitable claim of Germany for the restitution of its colonies which had been snatched away.

"Shortly thereafter the Reich Bank president and Reich Minister of Economics, Dr. Schacht, published in the English magazine, Foreign Affairs, a detailed article on the German colonial problem." That is on Page 2, 1 believe, of the English translation.

"For the rest Dr. Schacht laid out the categorical demand that Germany must, in order to solve the problem of its raw materials, get colonies which must be administered by Germany and in which the German standard currency must be in circulation."
Now, the next group are articles dealing with the Versailles Treaty, and I will quote only from a few of them on Page 3 of that same translation. Here is one of 7 April 1934, Page 14, "What is the Situation Regarding Our Battle for Equal Rights?". Another is entitled, "The Dictate of Versailles," 30 June 1934, Page 15. The article reads in part:
"The dictate of Versailles established the political, economical, and financial destruction of Germany in 440 artfully — one could also say devilishly — devised paragraphs;