18 Dec. 45

necessary for the fulfilment of the Nazi objectives. From the very start the Nazi leaders emphasized the importance of this mission. During the course of the conspiracy the SA undertook many duties and responsibilities, but one responsibility which remained constant throughout was that of being propagandist of the National Socialist ideology.

I now refer, Your Honors, to the English translation of Document 2760-PS, Exhibit USA-256, which is an excerpt from Mein Kampf, and it is shown at Page 5 of the translation of the document. This is the third paragraph on Page 5 of the document, quoting:
"As the directing idea for the inner training of the Sturmabteilung, the intention was always dominant, aside from all physical education, to teach it to be the unshakeably convinced defender of the National Socialist idea ... "
I might add that Hitler's pronouncement as to the function of the SA in this respect became, in effect, the guiding principle of SA members, for Mein Kampf was taken to express the basic philosophy of the SA. In Document Number 2354-PS, which is an excerpt from the Organization Book of the Party, on Page 1 of the English translation — it is quoted in the text — I quote Paragraph 1:
"Education and training, according to the doctrines and aims of the Führer as they are set down in Mein Kampf and in the Party program, for all phases of our living and of our National Socialist ideology ... "
This same document — the Organization Book of the Party — refers to the SA's function as the propagandist of the Party.

I believe the next one, if Your Honor pleases, would simply be cumulative of what we have already referred to. I next refer to an article ...

THE PRESIDENT: Perhaps this would be a convenient time to break off.

COL. STOREY: All right, Sir.

[The Tribunal adjourned until 19 December 1945 at 1000 hours.]