18 Dec. 45

Here is another photograph of Himmler and Hühnlein, who was the Führer of the NSKK, and Lutze, who was Chief of Staff of the SA, bearing the caption, "They lead the soldiers of National Socialism," 15th of June 1935, Page 1.

Another photograph of Hitler at an SA ceremony, carrying the SA battle flag; and the picture bears the caption, "As in the fighting years, the Führer on the Party Day of Freedom, dedicates the new regiments with the Blood Banner," 21 September 1935, Page 4.

I pass on. Here is a photograph of Göring in the SA uniform, reviewing SA marching troops, under the caption, "Honor Day of the SA," 21 September 1935, Page 3.

THE PRESIDENT: Colonel Storey, is there any doubt that Hitler and Göring were members of the SA?

COL. STOREY: No, Sir; but the purpose in showing those photographs, if Your Honors please, was to show the militaristic character of the SA. If there is no question about that and it is cumulative, then I will pass on.

The work of the SA did not end with the seizure by the Nazis of the German Government, but affiliation between the SA and the Nazi leaders was continued after the acquisition by the Nazis of the control of the German State. The importance of the SA in connection with the Nazi Government and control of Germany is shown by the law of December 1, 1933. I have already referred to that, that is, the union of Party and State. However, there is one paragraph that has not been quoted before, if Your Honors please, and I would like to call Your Honors' attention to it. It is our Document 1395-PS, and it appears in the English translation on Page 1, and I quote Article 2:
"The Führer's Deputy and the Chief of Staff of the SA become members of the Reich Government in order to insure close co-operation of the offices of the Party and SA with the public authorities."
Similarly, in Document 2383-PS, which I referred to a moment ago — I will simply refer to it — that is 2383-PS, Page 11, the last paragraph:
"The Party and State offices must support the SA in this training program and value the certificate of award of the SA defense medal accordingly."
That the Nazis at all times possessed complete control of the SA is shown by the so-called Röhm Purge of June 1934. Evidence concerning this matter is to be found in the Völkischer Beobachter of 1 July 1934, at Page 1. I will not quote from that.

Röhm had been Chief of. Staff of the SA for several years and was responsible for the development of the SA into a powerful. organization with definite programs and objectives.