18 Dec. 45

participate in the execution of the conspiracy which contemplated and involved the commission of' the crime as defined in Article 6 of the Charter.

And I should like now to call attention again to a chart which was identified in the beginning — I believe by Major Wallis; it was taken from the Publication which is entitled The Face of the Party. This chart emphasizes, more clearly than I can state, the total and thorough control over the life of the German, beginning at the age 10 10 at the bottom of the chart and continuing through the various categories on up through.

Notice the age of 10 to 14, the Jungfolk. Then it goes to the Adolf Hitler School on the right, 12 to 18. The Hitler Jugend, 15 to 18; the SA, the NSKK, NSFK, 19 to 20. And then the labor service over at the, left. And then again to the SA. SS, NSKK, NSFK: and then into the Wehrmacht, and on up through to the top box on the left of the top row of men, the Political leaders of the NSDAP. And then finally all of those buildings up there, as I understand, are the academies of the NSDAP. And then finally at the top to the political leaders of the German Volk, showing the evolution. This is the final exhibit, and with that I close the presentation of the Leadership Corps. The next presentation is the Reich Cabinet (the Reichsiegierung). We will take, just a few moments.

If Your Honors please, there is one thing Colonel Seay called my attention to. I simply refer to it for the record. In one of the previous documents. 090-PS, Exhibit USA-372, which is in the other document book, there, was a statement that clearly established that the expenses of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg, that is, the staff's operational expenses, were financed by the Nazi Party.

If the Tribunal please, I now offer Document Book X, which I believe has been passed to Your Honors; and also Colonel Dostert's staff has prepared a chart of the Reichsregierung in different languages and I believe, Your Honors have copies. There is one copy here in German that I shall be glad to pass to counsel who are especially concerned with this case. They have one copy in German. I don't know who it is ...

THE PRESIDENT: You mean counsel for the Reich Cabinet?

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir. May I say also, by preliminary reference, that we examined the records in the collection office this morning and only one letter of intervention has been filed on behalf of the Reich Cabinet and that was by the Defendant Keitel.

We will now consider the Reichsregierung. Some preliminary remarks about this group have already been placed before the Tribunal by Mr. Albrecht in his comments upon the government chart. it will be necessary, however, for sake of coherence, to repeat briefly