17 Dec. 45

"This is to be carried out step by step ... as soon as possible ... I shall rouse the Party particularly to co-operate in this scheme by an article in the 'Hoheitsträger.' "
And Your Honors have already seen copies of that publication. I now skip Paragraphs 16 and 17.

A letter from RSHA (which is the Reich Security Main Office) to police chiefs, dated 5 November 1942, which is Document L-316, Exhibit Number USA-346 — this was addressed to all police chiefs — recites an agreement between the Reich Führer SS and the Reich Minister of Justice, approved by Hitler — I call the attention of Your Honors to the red border around this original, and then having the Party seal on it — provides that the ordinary criminal procedure was no longer to be applied to Poles and members of the Eastern populations. The agreement provided that such people, including Jews and Gypsies, should henceforth be turned over to the police. The principles applicable to a determination of the punishment of German offenders, including appraisal of the motives of the offender, were not to be applied to foreign offenders. I quote from. Page 2 of the document:

"The offense committed by a person of foreign extraction is not to be regarded from the view of legal retribution by way of justice but from the point of view of preventing dangers through police action.

"From this it follows that the criminal procedure against persons of foreign extraction must be transferred from justice to the police.

"The preceding statements serve for personal information. There are no objections if the Gauleiter are informed in the proper form, should the need arise."
I now skip Paragraphs 19 and 20 of the text. I next refer to Document 1058-PS, previously introduced in evidence as Exhibit Number USA-147.

In a speech to a gathering of persons intimately concerned with the Eastern problem, on 20 June 1941, Reichsleiter Rosenberg stated that the southern Russian territories and the northern Caucasus would have to provide food for the German people. I quote Rosenberg's words:

"We see absolutely no obligation on our part to feed the Russian people, also, with the products of that surplus territory. We know that this is a harsh necessity, bare of any feelings. "
THE PRESIDENT: We have already had that read to us twice.

COL. STOREY: I am sorry, Sir. I did not hear it. Strike it from the record.