17 Dec. 45

I now offer in evidence Document 630-PS, Exhibit Number USA342. If Your Honor pleases, I would like to call to your attention that this is on the personal stationery of Adolf Hitler, dated 1 September 1939. It is addressed to Reichsleiter Bouhler and Doctor of Medicine Brandt, and it is signed personally by Adolf Hitler. I want to quote all of that document; it is short:

"Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are charged with the responsibility of enlarging the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such a manner that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death. Signed, A. Hitler."
A handwritten note on the face of the document states: "Given to me by Bouhler on 27 August 1940. Signed, Dr. Gürtner.''

In a memorandum recording an agreement between himself and Himmler, the Minister of Justice Thierack stated that on the suggestion of Reichsleiter Bormann an agreement had been reached between Himmler and himself with respect to "special treatment at the hands of the police in cases where judicial sentences were not severe enough."

I will offer Document 654-PS, Exhibit Number USA-218, which was previously introduced, and I want to quote one portion:

"The Reich Minister of Justice will decide whether and when special treatment at the hands of the police is to be applied. The Reich Führer SS will send the reports, which he sent hitherto to Reichsleiter Bormann, to the Reich Minister of Justice."
If the views of the Reich Führer SS and the Reich Minister of Justice disagreed, "the opinion of Reichsleiter Bormann will be brought to bear upon the case, and he will possibly inform the Führer."

In the above note it is further stated:

"The delivery of asocial elements from execution of their sentence to the Reich Führer of SS to be worked to death: Persons under preventative arrest, Jews, Gypsies, Russians and Ukrainians, Poles with more than 3-year sentences, Czechs and Germans with more than 8-year sentences, according to the decision of the Reich Minister of Justice. First of all the worst asocial elements amongst those just mentioned are to be handed over. I shall inform the Führer of this through Reichsleiter Bormann."
With respect to the "administration of justice by the people," he continues: