17 Dec. 45

Diverting again from the text, I want to offer at this time in evidence ...

THE PRESIDENT: Colonel Storey, is it addressed to these various ranks in the Leadership Corps?

COL. STOREY: Your Honor, I notice on the first page it is addressed — I am not good in German — but to the State Police, to the SD, and to me other SD officials.

THE PRESIDENT: What has that got to do with the Leadership Corps?

COL. STOREY: It has to do with directions to Party officials to take part in these demonstrations. In other words, through certain officials of the Leadership Corps this directive was dispatched and directed.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you sure the State Police and SD are any of these ranks in the Leadership Corps?

COL. STOREY: If Your Honors will refer to this original chart, this big one, you will notice that the SA, and SS, and several of the organizations are listed on the left-hand part of that big chart. I think it is in the folder there on Your Honors' desk. In other words, the close examination of that directive will show that they were to contact different political leaders in connection with the carrying into effect of this demonstration of the 9th and 10th of November. That is the only purpose for which it is offered. It has been introduced in evidence, but the reason I mention it at this time ...

THE PRESIDENT: I can't see that it shows it. It seems to me to be a letter from the Chief of the Security Police to all headquarters and stations of the State Police.

COL. STOREY: I don't have the English translation before me at this moment, Your Honor,

THE PRESIDENT: Well, go on.

COL. STOREY: I now offer in evidence Document 3063-PS, Exhibit USA-332. This was a report from the Chief Party Judge Buch to the Defendant Göring dated the 13th of February 1939, concerning actions taken by the Supreme Party Court for excesses in connection with the demonstrations of 9 and 10 November 1938. 1 don't believe this, if Your Honors please, is in the document book — 3063-PS.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, it is.

COL. STOREY: I beg your pardon. I had forgotten whether it is in here. I quote just a brief portion of it:

"When all the synagogues burned down in one night it must have been organized in some way and can only have been organized by the Party."