17 Dec. 45

Finally, by the law of 15 September 1934 the swastika flag of the Party was made the official flag of the Reich. I refer to Document 2079-PS, which is the English translation of the Reich Flag Law found in Reichsgesetzblatt 1935, Part I, Page 1145. Just this one sentence the — quotation, "The Reich and national flag is the swastika flag."

The swastika was the flag and symbol of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party. By law it was made the flag of the State; a recognition that the Party and its corps of political leaders were the sovereign powers in Germany.

On 23 April 1936 a law was enacted granting amnesty for crimes which the offender had committed "in his eagerness to fight for the National Socialist ideals." I cite Document 1386-PS, which is the English translation of the "Law Concerning Amnesty," Reichsgesetzblatt 1936, Part I, Page 378. In furtherance of the conspiracy to acquire totalitarian control over the German people, a law was enacted on I December 1936 which incorporated the entire German youth within the Hitler Youth, thereby achieving total mobilization of the German youth. And I cite Document 1392-PS, containing that law, 1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, Page 993. The law further provided that the task of educating the German youth through the Hitler Youth was entrusted to the Reichsleiter of the German youth in the NSDAP. By this law a monopoly control over the entire German youth was placed in the hands of the top official, a Reichsleiter of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party, the Defendant Von Schirach.

On 4 February 1938 the Führer of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party, Hitler, issued a decree in which he took over direct command of the whole German Armed Forces. I cite Document 1915-PS, 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, Page 111. Hitler says, "From now on, I take over directly and personally the command of the whole Armed Forces."

By virtue of the earlier law of 1 August 1934 Hitler combined the offices of the Reich President and the Chancellorship. In the final result, therefore, Hitler was Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Head of the German State, and the Führer of the Nazi Party. With respect to this, the Party manual states as follows, and I quote from Page 19 of Document 1893-PS:

"The Führer created the National Socialist German Workers' Party. He filled it with his spirit and his will, and with it he conquered the power of the State on 30 January 1933. The Führer's will is the supreme law in the Party....

"By authority of the law about the Chief of State of the German Reich, dated 1 August 1934, the office of the Reich President has been combined with that of the Reich Chancellery.