17 Dec. 45

And on Page 2 of the same document another brief quotation:
"The Leadership Corps is responsible for the complete penetration of the German nation with the National Socialist spirit...."
The oath of the political leaders to Hitler has been previously mentioned. In this connection the Party manual provides, and I quote from the second paragraph on Page 3 of the same document:
"The political leader is inseparably tied to the ideology and the organization of the NSDAP. His oath only ends with his death or with his expulsion from the National Socialist community."
While the leadership principle assured the binding nature of Hitler's statements, program, and policies upon the entire Party and the Leadership Corps thereof, the leadership principle also established the full responsibility of the individual political leader within the province and jurisdiction of his office or position.

The leadership principle applies not only to Hitler as the supreme leader but also to the political leaders under him and thus permeated the entire Leadership Corps. I quote from the middle of Page 2 of Document 1893-PS:

"The basis of the Party organization is the Führer idea ... "

All political leaders stand as appointed by the Führer and are responsible to him. They possess full authority toward the lower echelons ..."
The various Hoheitsträger of the Leadership Corps were, in their respective areas, themselves Führer I quote from the third paragraph of Page 9 of this same document:

"Within their sector of sovereignty, the Hoheitsträger have sovereign political rights.... They are responsible for the entire political situation within their sector."
I again refer to and quote from Document 1814-PS, Exhibit Number USA-328, which is the Party book. It is just a one-sentence quotation, and it states: "The Party is an Order of 'Führer.' "

The subjugation of the entire membership of the Leadership Corps to the fiat of the leadership principle is clearly shown in the following passage from the Party manual; it is this same document on Page 3:

"A solid anchorage for all the organizations within the Party structure is provided and a firm connection with the sovereign leaders of the NSDAP is created in accordance with the leadership principle."
Next is the subject, "The Nazi Party, directed by the Leadership Corps, dominated and controlled the German State and Government."