17 Dec. 45

Hoheitsträger ... as regards their special missions. The Hoheitsträger are superior to all political leaders, managers, and so forth, within their sector. As regards personal consideration, Hoheitsträger are endowed with special rights ....

"The Hoheitsträger of the Party are not to be administrative officials ... but are to move in a continuous vital contact with the political leaders of the population within their sector. The Hoheitsträger are responsible for the proper and good supervision of all members of the nation within their sector ....

"The Party intends to achieve a state of affairs in which the individual German will find his way to the Party ...."
The distinctive character of the Politische Leiter constituting the Hoheitsträger and their existence and operation as an identifiable group are indicated by the publication of a magazine entitled Der Hoheitsträger whose distribution was limited by regulation of the Reich Organization Leader to the Hoheitsträger and certain other designated Politische Leiter. I now refer to Document 2660-PS, which I offer in evidence; and I would like to digress from the published manuscript and call Number 2660-PS Exhibit Number USA-325. I would like to exhibit this book to Your Honors. This is the book itself and it is for the Hoheitsträger with a very limited distribution, and I quote from the inside cover of this magazine which reads as follows — it is right in the beginning:

"Der Hoheitsträger the contents of which is to be handled confidentially, serves only for the orientation of the competent leaders. It may not be loaned out to other persons."
Then follows a list of the Hoheitsträger and other political leaders authorized to receive the magazine. The magazine states, in addition, that the following are entitled to receive it — I would like to emphasize the ones to receive it:

"Commandants, unit commanders, and 'Ordensburg' members; The Reich, Shock Troop, and Gau speakers of the NSDAP; the Obergruppenführer and Gruppenführer of the SA, the SS, the NSFK" — which is the Flying Corps — "and the NSKK" — the Party Motor Corps — " Obergebietsführer and Gebietsführer of the HJ" — that is the Hitler Jugend.
The fact that this magazine existed, that it derived its name from the commanding officers of the Leadership Corps, that it was distributed to the elite of the Leadership Corps, in other words, that a house bulletin was circulated down the command channels of the Leadership Corps is probative of the fact that the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party was a group or an organization within the meaning of Article 9 of the Charter.