17 Dec. 45


COL. STOREY: It may be doubted that the average German ever looked upon the face of Heinrich Himmler. But the man in the street in Nazi Germany could not have avoided an uneasy acquaintance with the Blockleiter in his own neighborhood. As it is the "cop on the beat" rather than the chief magistrate of the nation who symbolizes law enforcement to the average man and woman, so it was the Blockleiter who represented to the people of Germany the police state of Hitler's Germany. In fact, as may be inferred from the evidence, the Blockleiter were "little Führer's with real and literal power over the civilians in their domains. As proof of the authority of the Blockleiter to exercise coercion and the threat of force upon the civil population, I quote from Document 2833-PS, which is an excerpt from Page 7 of the magazine entitled The Face of the Party, Document 2833-PS. It is just a line of quotation:

"Advice and sometimes also the harsher form of education is employed if the faulty conduct of an individual harms this individual himself, and thus also the community."
Before I get to the numbers, I wanted to deal with the Hoheitsträger.

THE PRESIDENT: Don't you think it is time to break off?


THE PRESIDENT: Until 2 o'clock.

[A recess was taken until 1400 hours.]