14 Dec. 45

"(a) Elimination of a part of partly superfluous eaters in the cities;

"(b) Elimination of a part of the population which undoubtedly hated us;

" (c) Elimination of badly needed tradesmen who were in many instances indispensable even in the interests of the Armed Forces;

"(d) Consequences as to foreign policy propaganda which are obvious;

"(e) Bad effects on the troops which in any case get indirect contact with the execution;

"(f) Brutalizing effect on the formations which carry out the execution — regular police."
Lest the Court be persuaded to the belief that these conditions related, existed only in the East, I invite attention to the official Netherlands Government report by the Commissioner for Repatriation as indicative of the treatment of the Jews in the West.

This document is a recital of the German measures taken in the Netherlands against the Dutch Jews. The decrees, the anti-Semitic demonstrations, the burning of synagogues, the purging of Jews from the economic life of their country, the food restrictions against them, forced labor, concentration camp confinement, deportation, and death — all follow the same pattern that was effected throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.

I now refer to Document 1726-PS, Exhibit USA-195, already in evidence. It is not intended to read this document in evidence, but it is deemed important to invite the Court's attention to that portion of the report relating to the deportation of Dutch Jews shown on Page 5 of the translation. There the Court will note that full Jews being liable to deportation number 140,000. The Court will also note that the total number of deportees was 117,000, representing more than 83 percent of all the Jews in the Netherlands. Of these 115,000 were deported to Poland for slave labor, according to the Netherlands report, and after departure all trace of them was lost. Regardless of victory or defeat to Germany, the Jew was doomed. It was the expressed intent of the Nazi State that, whatever the German fate might be, the Jew would not survive.

I offer in evidence Document L-53, stamped "top secret," Exhibit USA-291. This message is from the Commandant of the Sipo and SD for the Radom District, addressed to SS Hauptsturmführer Thiel on the subject, "Clearance of Prisons." I read the body of this message:
"I again stress the fact that the number of inmates of the Sipo and SD prisons must be kept as low as possible. In the present