13 Dec. 45

responsible. That would tend to awaken the anti-Jewish sentiment." — Signed — "A. Rosenberg."

[Dr. Thoma approached the Lectern.]

THE PRESIDENT: May I ask you to speak slowly so that your application will come to me through the earphones correctly.

DR. THOMA: Since the Prosecutor is now dealing with the case against my client, Rosenberg, may I be permitted to voice an objection to Document 212-PS, Exhibit Number USA-272. The Prosecutor claims that this document was a directive issued by the Minister for the East. It begins with the words . . .

THE PRESIDENT: None of that has come through on the earphones. I don't understand you. You had better begin again.

DR. THOMA: The Prosecutor presented earlier today Document Number 212-PS, Exhibit Number USA-272, claiming that its content was a directive issued by the Minister for the East on the treatment of Jews. In this document he is said to have given instructions that violations of German regulations by Jews, especially violations of the compulsory labor laws, could only be punished by death. This document does not originate with the Defendant Rosenberg; nor did it by mistake . . .

THE PRESIDENT: More slowly, please.

DR. THOMA: This document does not originate with the Defendant Rosenberg. It bears neither a date nor an address, nor his signature. I, therefore, object to the assertion that this document originated with the Defendant Rosenberg.

THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute. I don't think that Counsel for the Prosecution said that, that Document 212-PS emanated from Rosenberg. I didn't so understand him.

DR. THOMA: I understood him to say that it was a directive issued by the Minister for the East; and if I am not mistaken, he also said it was dated April 1941. At that time there was no Ministry for the East. Rosenberg was only named Minister for the East in July 1941.

THE PRESIDENT: I will ask the Counsel for the Prosecution.

MAJOR WALSH: It is my understanding, Sir, that that document, 212-PS, was taken from the captured files of Rosenberg.

DR. THOMA: That is true, it was found among the papers of the Defendant Rosenberg; the Defendant Rosenberg claims, however, that he has never seen this document, that he knows nothing about it, and that it has never passed through his hands.

THE PRESIDENT: Rosenberg, when he is called as a witness or when you appear to speak for him, will be able to say that he