13 Dec. 45

Scene 2 — A naked girl running across the courtyard.

Scene 3 — An older woman being pushed past the camera, and a man in SS uniform standing at the right of the scene.

Scene 5 — A man with a skullcap and a woman are manhandled.

Number 14 — A half-naked woman runs through the crowd.

Number 15 — Another half-naked woman runs out of the house.

Number 16 — Two men drag an old man out.

Number 18 — A man in German military uniform, with his back to the camera, watches.

Number 24 — A general shot of the street, showing fallen bodies and naked women running.

Number 32 — A shot of the street, showing five fallen bodies.

Number 37 — A man with a bleeding head is hit again.

Number 39 — A soldier in German military uniform, with a rifle, stands by as a crowd centers on a man coming out of the house.

Number 44 — soldier with a rifle, in German military uniform, walks past a woman clinging to a torn blouse.

Number 45 — A woman is dragged by her hair across the street.

[The film was shown again.]

COMMANDER DONOVAN: [Continuing.] We submit to the Tribunal for its permanent records this strip of 8-millimeter film.

MAJOR WALSH: It is difficult from this point to follow the thread of chronological order or a topical outline. So numerous are the documents and so appalling the contents that in this brief recital the Prosecution will make no effort to itemize the criminal acts. Selected documents, however, will unfold the crimes in full detail.

Before launching a discussion of the means utilized to accomplish the ultimate aim, that is the extermination of the Jewish people, I now turn to that fertile source of evidence, the diary of Hans Frank, then Governor General of occupied Poland. In a cabinet session on Tuesday, 16 December 1941, in the government building at Kraków, the Defendant Frank made a closing address to the session. I offer now in evidence that part of the document, Number 2233(d)-PS, Exhibit Number USA-281, identified CV 1941, October to December, and from Page 76, line 10, to Page 77, line 33, of the original and of the entire translation before the Court. I quote:
"As far as the Jews are concerned, I want to tell you quite frankly that they must be done away with in one way or another. The Führer said once: 'Should united Jewry again succeed in provoking a world war, the blood of not only the nations which have been forced into the war by them will be shed, but the Jew will have found his end in Europe.' I know that many of the measures carried out against the