12 Dec. 45

Document Number 3044-PS is the Defendant Sauckel's Regulation Number 4, dated the 7th of May 1942. And we ask that the Tribunal take judicial notice of the original regulation published in Volume II, Pages 516 to 527 of the Verfügungen, Anordnungen, und Bekanntgaben, to which I have previously referred. Reading from Page 1, Paragraph 3, of the English text:

"The recruitment of foreign labor will be done on principle on a volunteer basis. Where, however, in the occupied territories the appeal for volunteers does not suffice, obligatory service and drafting must, under all circumstances, be resorted to. This is an indisputable requirement of our labor situation."
Sauckel provided also for the allocation of foreign labor in the order of its importance to the Nazi war machine. We refer to Document Number 3044(a)-PS, which is the Defendant Sauckel's Regulation Number 10, and ask that the Court take judicial notice of the original regulation, published in Volume II, Verfügungen, Anordnungen, und Bekanntgaben, at Pages 531 to 533. Paragraph 3 of this regulation I quote as follows:

"The resources of manpower that are available in the occupied territories are to be employed primarily to satisfy the requirements of importance for the war in Germany itself. In allocating the said labor resources in the Occupied Territories, the following order of priority will be observed:

"(a) Labor required for the troops, the occupation authorities, and the civil authorities;

"(b) Labor required for German armament;

"(c) Labor required for food and agriculture;

"(d) Labor required for industrial work in the interests of Germany, other than armaments;

"(e) Labor required for industrial work in the interests of the population of the territory in question."
The Defendant Sauckel, and agencies subordinate to him, exercised exclusive authority over the recruitment of workers from every area in Europe occupied by, controlled by, or friendly to, the German nation. He affirmed, himself — the Defendant Sauckel did — this authority in a decree, Document Number 3044-PS, already in evidence as Exhibit Number USA-206. I refer to Paragraph 5 on Page 1 of the English text of that document, and I am quoting it directly:

"The recruitment of labor in the areas occupied by Germany will be carried out exclusively by the labor allocation offices of the German military or civil administration in these areas."

THE PRESIDENT: Haven't you read that already?