12 Dec. 45

all his offices should be put at my disposal as evidence. The General Secretary of the Tribunal informed me of this on the 4th of December, but unfortunately I have not so far received copies of these speeches. I should be very grateful, therefore, if the Tribunal will ensure that its decisions are carried out arid that the documents are submitted to me without delay.

THE PRESIDENT: The Tribunal will look into these matters with the General Secretary of the Tribunal, and doubtless it will be able to arrange that you should have these documents submitted to you in the defendants' counsel Information Center.

DR. SEIDL: Thank you.


MR. DODD: May I refer briefly to the discussion that we were engaged in yesterday in order to take up the train of thought.

I wish to remind the Tribunal that we were discussing or had just completed a discussion of Document L-61, which had to do with a letter written by the Defendant Sauckel to the presidents of the "Länder" labor offices. I had read two excerpts from that letter.

Referring to the letter, we say that the Nazi campaign of force and terror and abduction was described in another letter to the Defendant Frank, which we wish to refer to as Document Number 1526-PS.

THE PRESIDENT: Before you pass from that, Mr. Dodd, has either the original or the photostatic copy been shown to Sauckel's counsel?

MR. DODD: Oh, yes, Sir. A photostatic copy was in the defendants' Information Center, and after adjournment yesterday we got the original and handed it to him here in this room.

THE PRESIDENT: And he saw it?

MR. DODD: Yes, Sir.


MR. DODD: This document, Number 1526-PS, USA-178, is a letter written by the chairman of the Ukrainian Main Committee at Krakow in February 1943. 1 wish to read from the third page of the English text, beginning with the second paragraph; the same passage in the German 'text at Page 2, Paragraph 5. 1 quote:

"The general nervousness is still further increased by the wrong methods of labor mobilization which have been used more and more frequently in recent months.

"The wild and ruthless manhunt as practiced everywhere in towns and country, in streets, squares, stations, even in