10 Dec. 45

I have already put into the record evidence showing that as early as August of 1940 General Thomas, the chief of the B Group Army, received a hint from the Defendant Göring about a possible attack on the U.S.S.R. which prompted him to begin considering the Soviet war economy. I also said at that time that I would later introduce evidence that in November 1940 — 8 months before the attack — Thomas was categorically informed by Göring of the planned operation in the East and preliminary preparations were commenced for the economic plundering of the territories to be occupied in the course of such operation. Göring of course, played the overall leading role in this activity by virtue of his position at the head of the Four Year Plan.

Thomas describes his receipt of the knowledge and this early planning at Page 369 of his draft, which is our Document 2353-PS introduced earlier as Exhibit USA-35; the part I shall read is at Pages 10 and 11 of the English translation:

"In November 1940 the Chief of Wi Rü together with Secretaries of State Körner, Neumann, Backe, and General Von Hanneken were informed by the Reich Marshal of the action planned in the East.

"By reason of these directives the preliminary preparations for the action in the East were commenced by the office of Wi Rü at the end of 1940.

"The preliminary preparations for the action in the East included first of all the following tasks:

"l. Obtaining of a detailed survey of the Russian armament industry, its location, its capacity, and its associate industries.

"2. Investigation of the capacities of the different big armament centers and their dependency one on the other.

"3. Determining the power and transport system for the industry of the Soviet Union.

"4. Investigation of sources of raw materials and petroleum (crude oil).

"5. Preparation of a survey of industries other than armament industries in the Soviet Union.

"These points were concentrated in one big compilation, 'War Economy of the Soviet Union,' and illustrated with detailed maps." — I am still quoting. — "Furthermore a card index was made containing all the important factories in Soviet Russia and a lexicon of economy in the German-Russian language for the use of the German war economy organization.

"For the processing of these problems a task staff, 'Russia,' was created, first in charge of Lieutenant Colonel Luther and later on in charge of Major General Schubert. The work was