10 Dec. 45

"I. General. The timetable for the maximum massing of troops in the East will be put into operation on the 22d of May."

MR. ALDERMAN: Most interesting among the items appearing on this chart, in my opinion, are those appearing on Pages 9 and 10. These are at Page 8 of the German version. At the bottom of Page 9 it is provided in the columns for Army, Navy, and Air Force — and I quote:

"Up to 1300 hours is latest time at which operation can be cancelled."
Under the column headed OKW appears the note that — and again I quote:

"Cancelled by code word 'Altona' or further confirmation of start of attack by code word 'Dortmund'."
In the Remarks column appears the statement that:

"Complete absence of camouflage of formation of Army point of main effort, concentration of armor and artillery must be reckoned with."
The second entry on Page 10 of the chart for the 22d of June, under Serial number 31, gives a notation which cuts across the columns for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and OKW, and provides as follows, under the heading:

"Invasion Day. H-Hour for the start of the invasion by the Army and crossing of the frontier by the Air Forces: 0330 hours."
In the Remarks column, it states that:

"Army assembly independent of any lateness in starting on the part of the Air Force owing to weather.
The other parts of the chart are similar in nature to those quoted and give, as I have said, great detail concerning the disposition and missions of the various components of the Armed Forces.

On 9 June 1941 the order of the Führer went out for final reports on Barbarossa to be made in Berlin on 14 June 1941, which was just 8 days before D-Day. This order is signed by Hitler's Adjutant, Schmundt, and is C-78 in our numbered series of documents. I offer it in evidence now as Exhibit USA-139.

I read from Page 1 the matter under the heading "Conference Barbarossa":

"I. The Führer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has ordered reports on Barbarossa by the commanders of Army groups, armies, and naval and air commanders of equal rank.