7 Dec. 45

by Jodl. It is Number 444-PS in our numbered series and is already in evidence as Exhibit Number GB-116.

The directive begins by saying:

"The preparatory measures of supreme headquarters for the prosecution of the war in the near future are to be made along the following lines . . . . "
It then outlines plans for the various theaters and the policy regarding relations with other countries and says regarding the U.S.S.R. — and I read now from Page 3, Paragraph Number 5 of the English translation:

"Political discussions have been initiated with the aim of clarifying Russia's attitude for the time being. Irrespective of the results of these discussions all preparations for the East which have already been verbally ordered will be continued.

"Instructions on this will follow as soon as the general outline of the Army's operational plans have been submitted to, and approved by me."
On the 5th of December 1940 the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, at that time General Halder, reported to the Führer concerning the progress of the plans for the coming operation against the U.S.S.R. A report of this conference with Hitler is contained in captured Document Number 1799-PS. This is a folder containing many documents all labeled annexes and all bearing on Fall Barbarossa, the plan against the U.S.S.R. This folder was discovered in the War Diary of the Wehrmachtfürungsstab and was apparently an enclosure to that diary.

The report I am here referring to is Annex Number 1 and is dated December 1940.

I now offer in evidence Document Number 1799-PS as United States Exhibit Number 131. 1 should also like to read into the record a few sentences from the report of 5 December 1940 as they indicate the state of the planning for this act of aggression six and a half months before it occurred.

"Report to the Führer on 5 December 1940.

"The Chief of the General Staff of the Army then reported about the planned operation in the East. He expanded at first on the geographical fundamentals. The main war industrial centers are in the Ukraine, in Moscow and in Leningrad."
Then skipping:

"The Führer declares that he has agreed with the discussed operational plans and adds the following:

"The most important goal is to prevent. the Russians from withdrawing on a closed front. The eastward advance should