7 Dec. 45

no diplomatic exchange took place even after the event, but a proclamation was issued by Hitler — a proclamation from which I read an extract — at 5 o'clock that Sunday morning some 2 hours before Belgrade was bombed.

In the case of Greece once again, it was at 20 minutes past 5 that M. Koryzis was informed that German troops were entering Greek territory.

The manner in which this long series of aggressions was carried out is in itself further evidence of the essentially aggressive and treacherous character of the Nazi regime. Attack without warning at night to secure an initial advantage and proffer excuses or reasons afterwards. Their method of procedure is clearly the method of the barbarian, of the state which has no respect for its own pledged word nor for the rights of any people but its own.

One is tempted to speculate whether this technique was evolved by the honest broker himself or by his honest clerk. the Defendant Ribbentrop.

THE PRESIDENT Mr. Alderman, will you be ready to go on after a short adjournment? That's what you were intending to do?


THE PRESIDENT We'll adjourn for 10 minutes.

[A recess was taken.]

MR. ALDERMAN: May it Please the Tribunal, before Proceeding with the presentation of the evidence relating to the aggression against the Soviet Union, I shall take about 15 minutes to offer two further documents relating to the aggression against Austria.

These two documents are stapled in a supplementary book, supplement to Document Book N. Both documents are correspondence of the British Foreign Office. They have been made available to us through the courtesy of our British colleagues

First I offer in evidence Document 3045-PS as Exhibit USA-127. This is in two parts. The first is a letter dated 12 March 1938, from Ambassador Nevile Henderson at the British Embassy, Berlin, to Lord Halifax. It reads:

"My Lord:

"With reference to your telegram Number 70 of March 11th, I have the honor to transmit to Your Lordship herewith a copy of a letter which I addressed to Baron Von Neurath in accordance with the instructions contained therein and which was delivered on the some evening