7 Dec. 45

a paragraph there in the speech which the Führer made, which is perhaps just worth reading — the speech by the Führer on the 20th of January 1941, in the middle of Page 3. It sets out that the speech was made after the conference with the Italians and the shows who was present.

On the German side I would call your attention to the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, and the Chief of the Armed Force Operational Staff. That is, of course, the Defendants Ribbentrop Keitel and Jodl; and on the Italian side, the Duce, Ciano, and then three generals. It is the last paragraph that I would wish to read:

"The massing of troops in Romania serves a threefold purpose:

"a. An operation against Greece;

"b. Protection of Bulgaria against Russia and Turkey;

"c. Safeguarding the guarantee to Romania.

"Each of these tasks requires its own group of forces; altogether, therefore, very strong forces whose deployment far from our base requires a long time.

"Desirable that this deployment is completed without interference from the enemy. Therefore disclose the game as late as possible. The tendency will be to cross the Danube at the last possible moment and to line up for attack at the earliest possible moment."
I pass to the next document, 1746-PS, which I offer as GB-120. That document is in three parts. It consists, in the first place, of a conference between Field Marshal List and the Bulgarians on the 8th of February. The second part and the third part deal with later events, and I will, if I may, come back to them at an appropriate time. I would read the first and the last paragraphs on the first page of this document:

"Minutes of questions discussed between the representatives of the Royal Bulgarian General Staff and the German High Command — General Field Marshal List — in connection with the possible movement of German troops through Bulgaria and their commitment against Greece and possibly against Turkey, if she should involve herself in the war."
And then the last paragraph on the page shows the plan being concerted with the Bulgarians — Paragraph 3:

"The Bulgarian and the German General Staffs will take all measures in order to camouflage the preparation of the operations and to assure in this way the most favorable conditions for the execution of the German operations as planned.