7 Dec. 45

in Belgium. The Occupants endeavored to burn the orders of which they were in possession, but they were only partially successful. And the next document I offer is Document TC-58 (a); it will be Exhibit GB-110. The original is a photostat certified by the Belgian Government which, of course, came into possession of the original.

My Lord, I can summarize it. They are orders to the Commander of the 2d Air Force Fleet (Luftflotte) clearly for offensive action against France, Holland, and Belgium. One looks at the bottom of the first page. It deals with the disposition of the Belgian Army. The Belgian Army covers the Liége-Antwerp Line with its main force, its lighter forces in front of the Meuse-Schelde Canal. Then it deals with the disposition of the Dutch Army; and then if you turn over the page Number 3, you see that the German western army directs its attack between the North Sea and the Moselle with the strongest possible airforce support through the Belgian-Luxembourg region.

My Lord, I think I need read no more. The rest are operational details as to the bombing of the various targets in Belgium and in Holland.

My Lord, the next document I think is rather out of place for my purpose. My learned friend, Major Elwyn Jones, put in Jodl's diary, which is GB-88, and I desire to refer very, very briefly to some extracts which are printed first in bundle Number 4.

If one looks at the entry for the lst of February 1940 and then some lines down . . .


MR. ROBERTS: Yes, that's right, My Lord, and GB-88.

THE PRESIDENT: We haven't got the GB numbers on the documents.

MR. ROBERTS: I am sorry, My Lord, it's my mistake.

If Your Lordship will look about eight lines down it says, "1700 hours General Jeschonnek" — and then:

"l) Behavior of parachute units. In front of The Hague they have to be strong enough to break in if necessary by sheer brute force. The 7th Division intends to drop units near the town.

"2) Political mission contrasts to some extent with violent action against the Dutch Air Force."
My Lord, I think the rest I need not read; it is operational detail. "2d February" — I refer again to Jodl's entry under "a" as to "landings can be made in the center of The Hague."

If Your Lordship will turn over the page — I omit February the 5th — you come to 26th February: