7 Dec. 45


MR. ROBERTS: Yes. It begins with TC-32, and then if you go to the next one, My Lords will see TC-37 on the same page — and then TC-41; both 37 and 41 refer to this matter. Now, this is a German assurance on the 6th of October 1939:


"Immediately after I had taken over the affairs of the state I tried to create friendly relations with Belgium. I renounced any revision or any desire for revision. The Reich has not made any demands which would in any way be likely to be considered in Belgium as a threat."
My Lord, there is a similar assurance to the Netherlands — the next part of the document:

"The new Reich has endeavored to continue the traditional friendship with the Netherlands. It has not taken over any existing differences between the two countries and has not created any new ones."
I submit it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of those assurances of Germany's good faith.

My Lord, the value of that good faith is shown by the next document which is of the very next day, the 7th of October. Those two guarantees were the 6th of October. Now we come to Document 2329-PS dated the 7th of October. It is from the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Von Brauchitsch, and it is addressed to his Army groups. He said, third paragraph:

"The Dutch border between Ems and Rhine is to be observed only.

"At the same time Army Group B has to make all preparations according to special orders for immediate invasion of Dutch and Belgian territory if the political situation so demands."
"If the political situation so demands" — the day after the guarantee! It is quite clear from the next document. I put in the last document; that bears an original typewritten signature of Von Brauchitsch, and it will be Exhibit GB-105.

My Lord, the next document is in two parts. Both are numbered C-62. The first part is dated the 9th of October 1939, 2 days after the document I have read. My Lord, that was all read by the Attorney General in opening down to the bottom of Paragraph (b). Therefore, I won't read it again. May I remind the Tribunal just of one sentence.

"Preparations should be made for offensive action on the northern flank of the Western Front crossing the area of