7 Dec. 45

receipt of reports of that kind was the Hitler decision to invade Norway and Denmark. The culminating details in the preparations for the invasion are again found in Jodl's diary, which is the last document in the document book. I will refer the Court to the entry of the 3rd of March.

"The Führer expressed himself very sharply on the necessity of a swift entry into N" — which is Norway — "with strong forces.

"No delay by any branch of the Armed Forces. Very rapid acceleration of the attack necessary."
Then the last entry on March the 3rd:

"Führer decides to carry out Weser Exercise before Case Yellow with a few days interval."
So that the important issue of strategy which had been concerning the German High Command for some time had been decided by this date, and the fate of Scandinavia was to be sealed before the fate of the Low Countries; and the Court will observe from those entries of March 3 that by that date Hitler had become an enthusiastic convert to the idea of a Norwegian aggression.

The next entry in Jodl's diary of the 5th of March:

"Big conference with the three commanders-in-chief about Weser Exercise; Field Marshal in a rage because not consulted till now. Won't listen to anyone and wants to show that all preparations so far made are worthless.


"(a) Stronger forces to Narvik; (b) Navy to leave ships in the ports (Hipper or Lützow in Trondheim); (c) Christiansand can be left out at first; (d) six divisions envisaged for Norway; (e) a foothold to be gained immediately in Copenhagen also."
Then the next entry to which I desire to draw the Court's attention is the entry of the 13th of March, which the Court may think is one of the most remarkable in the whole documentation of this case:

"Führer does not give order yet for 'W.'" — Weser Exercise —

"He is still looking for justification."
The entry of the next day, the 14th of March, shows a similar pre-occupation on the part of Hitler with seeking justification for this flagrant aggression. It reads:

"English keep vigil in the North Sea with 15 to 16 submarines; doubtful whether reason to safeguard own operations or prevent operations by Germans. Führer has not yet decided what reason to give for Weser Exercise."