7 Dec. 45

"In case the preparations for embarkation can no longer be kept secret, the leaders and the troops will be deceived with fictitious objectives."
Then Paragraph 4 on the next page, "The Occupation of Denmark," which is given the code name of "Weserübung Süd":

"The task of Group XXI: Occupation by surprise of Jutland and of Fünen immediately after occupation of Zealand.

"Added to this, having secured the most important places, the group will break through as quickly as possible from Fünen to Skagen and to the east coast."
Then there follow other instructions with regard to the operation. Paragraph 5:

"Occupation of Norway, "Weserübung Nord'": "The task of the Group XXI: Capture by surprise of the most important places on the coast by sea and airborne operations. "The Navy will take over the preparation and carrying out of the transport by sea of the landing troops."
And there follows a reference to the part of the Air Force, and I would like particularly to draw the Court's attention to that reference. This is Paragraph 5 on Page 3 of Hitler's directive:

"The Air Force, after the occupation has been completed, will ensure air defense and will make use of Norwegian bases for air warfare against Britain."
I am underlining that entry at this stage because I shall be referring to it in connection with a later document.

Whilst these preparations were being made and just prior to the final decision of Hitler . . .

THE PRESIDENT: Did you draw our attention to the defendant by whom it was initialed, Frick, on the first page of that document.

MAJOR JONES: That is an initial by Fricke. That is a different person altogether. That is a high functionary in the German, Admiralty and has no connection with the defendant who is before the Tribunal. As I was saying, My Lord, while these decisions were being made reports were coming in through Rosenberg's organization from Quisling; and if the Court will again turn for the last time to Document 007-PS, which is Rosenberg's report, the Tribunal will observe the kind of information which Rosenberg's organization was supplying at this time. The third paragraph, "Quisling's reports" — that is in Annex I in Rosenberg's report, the section dealing with Norway, Page 6 on my copy — referring to the second page of the annex, the paragraph beginning with: