Friday, 7 December 1945

Morning Session

MAJOR JONES: May it please the Tribunal, yesterday afternoon when the Tribunal adjourned I was dealing with the stage of the Nazi conspiracy against Norway at which the activities of the Defendants Raeder and Rosenberg converged. And the Court will remember that I submitted in evidence Document C-65, which was a report from the Defendant Rosenberg to Raeder regarding Quisling and ending with the infamous words, "Quisling gives figures of the number of German troops required which accord with German calculations."

The Court has already received in evidence and has heard read material parts of Document C-66, which was the report of Raeder to Admiral Assmann which disclosed how, in December of 1939, the Defendant Raeder did in fact meet Quisling and Hagelin.

I now invite the Court to look at Document C-64 which, for the purpose of the record, will be Exhibit GB-86. The Court will observe that that is a report by Raeder of a meeting of the Naval Staff with Hitler on the 12th of December 1939, at 1200 hours, in the presence of the Defendants Keitel and Jodl, and Puttkammer, who at this time was adjutant to Hitler.

The report is headed "Norwegian Question," and the first sentence reads:

"Commander-in-Chief, Navy" — who of course was the Defendant Raeder — "has received Quisling and Hagelin. Quisling creates the impression of being reliable."
And then there follows, in the next two paragraphs, a statement of Quisling's views, views with which the Court is by now familiar because of my reading of extracts from the Document 007-PS; but I draw the Court's attention to the fourth paragraph in Document C-64, beginning:

"The Führer thought of speaking to Quisling personally so that he might form an impression of him. He wanted to see Rosenberg once more beforehand, as the latter has known Quisling for a long while. Commander-in-Chief, Navy" — that is, of course, Raeder — " suggests that if the Führer forms a favorable impression, the OKW should obtain permission to make plans with Quisling for the preparation and carrying