4 Dec. 45

"Opinion on the Draft Study of Naval Warfare against England," this is stated:

"1. If, according to the Führer's decision, Germany is to acquire a position as a world power, she needs not only sufficient colonial possessions but also secure naval communications and secure access to the ocean.

"2. Both requirements can be fulfilled only in opposition to Anglo French interests and would limit their position as world powers. It is unlikely that they can be achieved by peaceful means. The decision to make Germany a world power therefore, forces upon us the necessity of making the corresponding preparations for war.

"3 War against England means at the same time war against the Empire, against France, probably against Russia as well and a large number of countries overseas, in fact, against one-third to one-half of the world.

"It can only be justified and have a chance of success" — and it was not moral justification which was being looked for in this document — " It can only be justified and have a chance. of success if it is prepared economically as well as politically and militarily, and waged with the aim of conquering for Germany an outlet to the ocean. "
THE PRESIDENT I think the Tribunal would like to know at what stage you propose to put the documents, which you are citing, in evidence.

SIR HARTLEY SHAWCROSS: Well, Sir, my colleagues my American and my British colleagues, were proposing to follow up my own address by putting these documents in The first series of documents, which will be put in by my noted colleague, Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe, will be the treaties.

THE PRESIDENT: I suppose that what you quote will have to be read again.

SIR HARTLEY SHAWCROSS: Well, I am limiting my quotations as far as I possibly can. I apprehend that technically you may wish it to be quoted again, so as to get it on the record when the document is actually put into evidence. But I think it will appear, when the documents themselves are produced, that there will be a good deal more in most of them than I am actually citing now.

THE PRESIDENT Yes .Very well.

SIR HARTLEY SHAWCROSS This document on naval warfare against England is something which is both significant and new until this date the documents in our possession disclose preparations for war against Poland, England, and France, puporting on the