3 Dec. 45

destruction of foodstuffs and fodder) are discovered looting wounded or dead soldiers and thereupon shot.

"Sixth: Captured Czech soldiers or Czech civilians are detailed to do road work or to load munitions, and so forth.

"Seventh: For military reasons it is necessary to requisition billets, foodstuffs, and fodder from the Czech population. As a result, the latter suffer from want.

"Eighth: Czech population is, for military reasons, compulsorily evacuated to the rear area.

"Ninth: Churches are used for military accommodations.

"Tenth: In the course of their duty, German aircraft fly over Polish territory where they are involved in an air battle with Czech aircraft."
From Nuremberg on the 10th of September, Hitler issued an order bringing the Reichsarbeitsdienst (the German Labor Service) under the OKW. This top-secret order . . .

THE PRESIDENT: Are you passing from that document now?


THE PRESIDENT: Would you read the classification with reference to gas?

MR. ALDERMAN: Perhaps I should, Sir.

THE PRESIDENT: It is number 4.

MR. ALDERMAN: Incident number 4?


MR. ALDERMAN: Well, number 4 was the supposed incident. "On account of a report that the Czechs have used gas, the firing of gas projectiles is ordered." Under the column, "Attitude of International Law Group":

"According to the declaration agreed to in June 1925 by 40 states, including Czechoslovakia, the employment of poison gases, chemical warfare agents, and bacteriological substances is expressly forbidden. Quite a number of states made the reservation to this declaration on the prohibition of gas warfare."
Then, under the column headed "Justification by the Laws of War":

"If the assertion, that the opponent — in this case the Czechs — used a prohibited gas in warfare, is to be believed by the world, it must be possible to prove it. If that is possible, the firing of gas projectiles is justified, and it must be given out in public that it can be proved that the enemy was the first to violate the prohibition. It is therefore particularly