3 Dec. 45

X minus 1 to prevent the fact of Germany's mobilization becoming known to Czechoslovakia on that day.

"The Army's efforts are tending in the opposite direction. It intends to let OKW initiate all advance measures between X minus 3 and X minus 1 which will contribute to the smooth and rapid working of the mobilization With this in mind OKF also demands that the X-Order be given to the Army not later than 1400 on X minus 1.

"To this the following must be said:
'Operation Green' " — or Aktion Grün — "will be set in motion by means of an 'incident' in Czechoslovakia which will give Germany provocation for military intervention. The fixing of the exact time for this incident is of the utmost importance." — I call special attention to that sentence — "The fixing of the exact time for this incident is of the utmost importance.

It must come at a time when the over-all meteorological conditions are favorable for our superior air forces to go into action and at an hour which will enable authentic news of it" — news of this prepared incident — "to reach us on the afternoon of X minus 1.

"It can then be spontaneously answered by the giving of the X-Order at 1400 on X minus 1.

"On X minus 2 the Navy, Army, and Air Force will merely receive an advance warning.

If the Führer intends to follow this plan of action all further discussion is superfluous.

"For then no advance measures may be taken before X minus 1 for which there is not an innocent explanation as we shall otherwise appear to have manufactured the incident. Orders for absolutely essential advance measures must be given in good time and camouflaged with the help of numerous maneuvers and exercises.

"Also, the question raised by the Foreign Office as to whether all Germans should be called back in time from prospective enemy territories must in no way lead to the conspicuous departure from Czechoslovakia of any German subjects before the incident.

"Even a warning of diplomatic representatives in Prague is impossible before the first air attack although the consequence could be very grave in the event of their becoming victims of such an attack (that is the death of representatives of friendly or confirmed neutral powers).

"If for technical reasons, the evening hours should be considered desirable for the incident, then the following day cannot be X-Day but it must be the day after that.