3 Dec. 45

would notify me briefly whether any commitments were made here in any respect. With best regards and Heil Hitler."

At the 21 April meeting between Hitler and Keitel, the account of which I read last week and alluded to earlier this morning (Document 388-PS, Item 2), specific plans for the attack on Czechoslovakia were discussed for the first time. This meeting was followed, in the late spring and summer of 1938, by a series of memoranda and telegrams advancing Case Green (Fall Grün). Those notes and communications were carefully filed at Hitler's headquarters by the very efficient Colonel Schmundt, the Führer's military adjutant, and were captured by American troops in a cellar at Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden. This file, which is preserved intact, bears out Number 388-PS, and is United States Exhibit Number 26. We affectionately refer to it as "Big Schmundt" — a large file. The individual items in this file tell more graphically than any narrative the progress of the Nazi conspirators' planning to launch an unprovoked and brutal war against Czechoslovakia. From the start the Nazi leaders displayed a lively interest in intelligence data concerning Czechoslovakian armament and defense. With the leave of the Tribunal I shall refer to some of these items in the Big Schmundt file without reading them. The documents to which I refer are Item 4 of the Schmundt file, a telegram from Colonel Zeitzler, in General Jodl's office of the OKW, to Schmundt at Hitler's headquarters.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you proposing not to read them?

MR. ALDERMAN: I hadn't intended to read them in full, unless that may be necessary.

THE PRESIDENT: I am afraid we must adhere to our decision.

MR. ALDERMAN: If the Tribunal please, I should simply wish to refer to the title or heading of Item 12, which is headed, "Short Survey of Armament of the Czech Army," dated Berlin, 9 June 1938, and initialed "Z" for Zeitzler, and Item 13, "Questions of the Führer," dated Berlin, 9 June 1938, and classified "Most Secret." I should like to read four of the questions which Hitler wanted authoritative information about, as shown by that document, and I read indicated questions on Pages 23, 24, 25, and 26 of Item 13 of Document 388-PS.

Question 1: Hitler asked about armament of the Czech Army. I don't think it necessary to read the answers. They are detailed answers giving information in response to these questions posed by Hitler.

"Question 2: How many battalions, et cetera, are employed in the West for the construction of emplacements?

"Question 3: Are the fortifications of Czechoslovakia still occupied in unreduced strength?