30 Nov. 45

LAHOUSEN: As a truthful answer to this question I must repeat what Canaris himself said to me on this subject:

"The purpose and intention of this diary is to portray to the German people and to the world, at some future date, the leaders who are now guiding the fate of their nation."

COL.. AMEN: Now, do you recall attending conferences with Canaris at the Führer's headquarters, just prior to the fall of Warsaw?

LAHOUSEN: Canaris and I took part in discussions not in the Führer's headquarters, but in the Führer's special train, shortly before the fall of Warsaw.

COL. AMEN: And having refreshed your recollection from reference to the entries in Canaris' diary, can you tell the Tribunal the date of those conferences?

LAHOUSEN: According to the notes and documents at my disposal it was on September 12, 1939.

COL. AMEN; Did each of these conferences take place on the same day?

LAHOUSEN: The discussions in the Führer's train took place on the same day: September 12, 1939.

COL. AMEN: And was there more than one conference on that day? Were they split into several conferences?

LAHOUSEN: One cannot really call them conferences; they were discussions, conversations, of varying duration.

COL. AMEN: And who was present on this occasion?

LAHOUSEN: Present, regardless of location and time, were the following: Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop; Keitel, the Chief of the OKW; Jodl, head of the Wehrmacht Operations Staff; Canaris; and myself.

COL. AMEN: Do you see Ribbentrop in this courtroom?


COL. AMEN: Will you indicate for the record where he is sitting?

LAHOUSEN: Over there. [Indicating.] In the first row, third from the left.

COL.. AMEN: Do you also see Keitel in the courtroom?

LAHOUSEN: Yes; he is next to Ribbentrop.

COL. AMEN: Do you also see Jodl in the courtroom?

LAHOUSEN: Yes; he is in the second row, next to Herr Von Papen.

COL.. AMEN: Now, to the best of your knowledge and recollection, will you please explain, in as much detail as possible, to the