29 Nov: 45

"Keppler: 'Well, send the telegram to Seyss-Inquart in the office of the Federal Chancellor.'

"Göring: 'Please show him the text of the telegram and do tell him that we are asking him--well, he does not even need to send the telegram. All he needs to do is to say, "Agreed."'

"Keppler: 'Yes.'

"Göring: 'He should call me at the Führer's or at my place. Well, good luck. Heil Hitler.' "

Well, of course, he did not need to send the telegram because Göring wrote the telegram. He already had it. It must be recalled that in the first conversation, Part A, held at 3:05 p.m., Göring had requested Seyss-Inquart to send the telegram agreed upon, but now the matter was so urgent that Göring dictated the exact wording of the telegram over the telephone. And an hour later, at 9:54 p.m. a conversation between Dr. Dietrich in Berlin and Keppler in Vienna went on as follows, reading from Part M:

"Dietrich: 'I need the telegram urgently.'

"Keppler: 'Tell the General Field Marshal that Seyss-Inquart agrees.'

"Dietrich: 'This is marvelous. Thank you.'

"Keppler: 'Listen to the radio. News will be given.'

"Dietrich: 'Where?'

"Keppler: 'From Vienna.'

"Dietrich: 'So Seyss-Inquart agrees?'

"Keppler: 'Jawohl.' "

Next the actual order to invade Austria. Communications with Austria were now suspended but the German military machine had been set in motion. To demonstrate that, I now offer in evidence captured Document C-182, offered as Exhibit USA-77, a directive of 11 March 1938 at 2045 hours, from the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. This directive, initialed by General Jodl and signed by Hitler, orders the invasion of Austria in view of its failure to comply with the German ultimatum. The directive reads:

"Top secret; Berlin, 11 March 1938, 2045 hours; Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, OKW,"--with other symbols--"35 copies, 6th copy. C-in-C Navy"--pencil note--"has been informed. Re: Operation Otto. Directive No. 2.

"1) The demands of the German ultimatum to the Austrian Government have not been fulfilled.

"2) The Austrian Armed Forces have been ordered to withdraw before the entry of German troops and to avoid fighting.