29 Nov. 45

Klausner, ordered all Gauleiter of Austria to take over power in all eight gaue of Austria, with the help of the SS and SA and with instructions that all Government representatives who try to resist, should be told that this action was taken on order of Chancellor Seyss-Inquart.

"With this the revolution broke out, and this resulted in the complete occupation of Austria within 3 hours and the taking over of all important posts by the Party.

The seizure of power was the work of the Party supported by the Führer's threat of invasion and the legal standing of Seyss-Inquart in the Government. The national result in the form of the taking over of the Government by Seyss-Inquart was due to the actual seizure of power by the Party on one hand, and the political efficiency of Dr. Seyss-Inquart in his territory on the other; but both factors may be considered only in relation to the Führer's decision on 9 March 1938 to solve the Austrian problem under any circumstances and the orders consequently issued by the Führer."

We have at hand another document which permits us virtually to live again through the events of March 11, 1938, and to live through them in most lively and interesting fashion. Thanks to the efficiency of the Defendant Göring and his Luftwaffe organization we have a highly interesting document, obviously an official document from the Luftwaffe headquarters headed as usual "Geheime Reichssache"" (top secret). The letterhead is stamped "Reichsluftfahrtministerium Forschungsamt". If I can get the significance of the German, Forschungsamt means the Research Department of Göring ring's Air Ministry. The document is in a characteristic German folder and on the back it says, "Gespräche Fall Österreich" (Conversations about the Austria Case) and the paper cover on the inside has German script writing, which in time, I will ask the interpreter to read; but it looks to me as if it is "Privat, Geheime Archive," which is Secret Archive, Berlin, "Gespräche Fall Österreich" (Case Austria). I offer that set of documents in the original file as they were found in the Air Ministry, identified as our 2949-PS. I offer them as Exhibit USA-76, and, offering them, I am reminded of Job's outcry, "Oh, that mine enemy would write a book!"

The covering letter in that file, signed by some member of this research organization within the Air Ministry, and addressed to the Defendant Göring, states in substance--well, I will read the English translation. It starts: "To the General Field Marshal. Enclosed I submit, as ordered, the copies of your telephone conversations."