29 Nov. 45

"14 February: At 2:40 o'clock the agreement of the Führer arrives. Canaris went to Munich to the Counter-Intelligence Office VII and initiates the different measures.

"The effect is quick and strong. In Austria the impression is created that Germany is undertaking serious military preparations."

The proposal for deceptive maneuvers reported on by Defendant Jodl are set forth in Document 1775-PS, a captured German document, which I offer in evidence as Exhibit USA-73.

The proposals are signed by the Defendant Keitel. Underneath his signature appears a note that the Führer approved the proposal. In the original document that note is handwritten in pencil.

The rumors which Keitel proposed for the intimidation of Austria make very interesting reading. I quote the first three paragraphs of the suggested order:

"1. To take no real preparatory measures in the Army or Luftwaffe. No troop movements or redeployments.

"2. Spread false but quite credible news which may lead to the conclusion of military preparations against Austria:

"(a) Through V-men"--V-Männer--"in Austria.

"(b) Through our customs personnel"--staff--"at the frontier.

"(c) Through travelling agents.

"3. Such news could be:

"(a) Furloughs are supposed to have been barred in the sector of the VII A.K.

"(b) Rolling stock is being assembled in Munich, Augsburg, and Regensburg.

"(c) Major General Muff, the Military Attaché in Vienna, has been called for a conference to Berlin. As a matter of fact, this is the case."

--That reminds me of a lawyer from my own home town who used to argue a matter at great length, and then he would end up by saying, "and, incidentally, it is the truth."

"(d) The police stations located at the frontier of Austria have called up reinforcements.

"(e) Custom officials report about the imminent maneuvers of the Mountain Brigade"--Gebirgsbrigade--"in the region of Freilassing, Reichenhall, and Berchtesgaden."

The total pattern of intimidation and rumor was effective, for in due course, as we have already seen from the communiqués referred to, President Miklas verified the Berchtesgaden Agreement