27 Nov. 45

investigating the position of raw materials for industrial capacity and other war economic questions).

"(5) Various measures (the NV Aerogeodetic Company--secret investigations).

"(c) Planned armament work with the tacit approval of the Reich Government, but behind the backs of the legislative bodies (1928 to the taking over of power).

"(1) The effect of the Lohmann case on the secret preparations; winding up of works which could not be advocated; resumption and carrying on of other work.

"(2) Finance question ('Black Funds' and the 'Special Budget').

"(3) The Labor Committee and its objectives.

"(d) The question of Marine attaches (the continuation under disguise; open reappointment 1932-1933).

"(e) The question of disarmament of the fleet abroad and in Germany (the Geneva Disarmament Conference 1927; the London Naval Treaty of 1930; the Anglo-French-Italian Agreement 1931; the League of Nations Disarmament Conference 1932).

"Part D (1933-1939--The German Navy during the military freedom period)."

--which goes beyond the period with which I am at the moment dealing. A glance at the chapter headings following that will indicate the scope of this proposed work. Whether the history was ever actually written by Scherff, I do not know.

I would like to call attention just to the first two or three headings, under this "Part D-The German Navy during the military freedom period":

"I. National Socialism and the question of the fleet and of prestige at sea.

II. Incorporation of the Navy in the National Socialist State." --The main heading III in the middle of the page--"The Rearmament of the Navy under the direction of the Reich Government in a disguised way."

The policy development of the Navy is also reflected from the financial side. The planned organization of the Navy budget for armament measures was based on a co-ordination of military developments and political objectives. Military political development was accelerated after the withdrawal from the League of Nations.

I have here, if the Court please, a captured document, in German, headed "Der Chef der Marineleitung, Berlin, 12 May 1934," and marked in large blue printing "Geheime Kommandosache"