27 Nov. 45

mation of 'sports' unions and clubs, interesting the film industry in naval recruitment).

"(5) Preparation for re-establishing the German U-boat arm since 1920 (projects and deliveries for Japan, Holland, Turkey, Argentina, and Finland; torpedo testing).

"(6) Participation in the preparation for building of the Luftwaffe (preservation of airdromes, aircraft construction, teaching of courses, instruction of midshipmen in anti-air-raid defense, training of pilots).

"(7) Attempt to strengthen the mining branch.

"Part C (1925-1932--Replacement of tonnage). Chapter IV: The Navy, the Versailles Treaty, foreign countries.

"(a) The activities of the Interallied Control Commission (up to 31. 1. 27; discontinuance of the activity of the Naval Peace Commission).

"(b) Independent armament measures behind the back of the Reich Government and legislative bodies up to the Lohmann case.

"(1) The activities of Captain Lohmann (continuation) their significance as a foundation for the rapid reconstruction work from 1935.

"(2) Preparation for the restrengthening of the German U-boat arm from 1925 (continuation), the merit of Lohmann in connection with the preparation for rapid construction in 1925, relationship to Spain, Argentina, Turkey; the first post-war U-boat construction of the German Navy in Spain since 1927... 250-ton specimen in Finland, preparation for rapid assembly; electric torpedo; training of U-boat personnel abroad in Spain and Finland. Formation of U-boat school in 1932 disguised as an anti-U-boat school.

"(3) Participation in the preparation for the reconstruction of the Luftwaffe (continuation). Preparation for a Naval Air Arm, Finance Aircraft Company Severa, later Luftdienst" --or Air Service--"GMBH; Naval Flying School Warnemünde; air station list, training of sea cadet candidates, military tactical questions 'AidAir Defense Journeys,' technical development, experimental station planning, trials, flying boat development Do X et cetera, catapult aircraft, arming, engines, ground organization, aircraft torpedoes, the Deutschland flight 1925, and the seaplane race 1926.

"(4) Economic rearmament (`The Tebeg,-Technical Advice and Supply Company as a disguised naval office abroad for